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    Dermacyn Wound Care Solution is a Life - Enhancing Advance in Tissue Care based on the...

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    WHO Report : New MERS virus spreads easily, more lethal than SA
    CORONA VIRUS REPORT: From Sept 2012 to date, the WHO has

Welcome to MicroSafe Care International

MicroSafe Care International develops and markets a family of products that are manufactured by a United States FDA registered and regulated company known as Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. These products are based upon the United States FDA approved Microcyn® Technology platform. The Microcyn® Technology currently has several existing global governmental approvals including multiple United States F.D.A. approvals, multiple European Union C.E. Mark approvals, and multiple United States E.P.A. approvals, in addition to the noted approvals by the Governments of Canada and Mexico.